Bocuse, quite simply…

Paul Bocuse<br />

Paul Bocuse, a name known around the world. After 50 years of Michelin-star recognition, this hero of French gastronomy has built an empire based on regional cuisine, drawing his inspiration from simplicity and generosity.

When Monsieur Paul arrives in the dining room to greet his guests, sporting his Chef's hat and a spotless jacket bearing the colours of France, time appears to stand still, silence falls. Everyone turns to admire this imposing and charismatic figure. A sacred moment.

People come to the Paul Bocuse restaurant to savour the dishes but also to experience this exceptional encounter with the Pope of gastronomy and the Chef of the century.  

bocuse at the restaurant

A man close to nature

Collonges and Bocuse, a village and a man that are inseparable. With his feet in the Saône and his head in the stars, Monsieur Paul, as he is called by his staff, the son and grandson of a long line of Chefs since the 17th century, has collected many honours during his career.

At a very young age, Paul was introduced to the world of cooking among the stoves of the Auberge du Pont de Collonges, a family establishment managed by his parents Georges and Irma. Of his country childhood, Paul Bocuse, whose name means "man close to the wooded countryside", maintains close ties with nature after being introduced at a very young age to the art of poaching, hunting and fishing. 

 "Cooking is my life.
I know sauces better than my geography."

An ambassador of French cuisine

Called up to fight, Bocuse found himself in battle, surrounded by death and destruction.

 A painful experience which, at the age of 20, inspired in him a taste for conquest and risk. The Bocuse legend was underway... From his apprenticeship with Eugénie Brazier and Fernand Point, his pygmalion, he learned precision and control.

After that, thanks to his inborn sense of observation and temperament, not without a certain humour, Bocuse, now boasting three stars, continued his route as an ambassador of French cuisine, the creator of the Bocuse d'Or and a talent scout. Bocuse embraces life: he loves the world, he loves women and he loves taste. In short, quite simply Bocuse! 

The quest for Excellence

"Work as if you are going to live until you're 100 and live as if you're going to die tomorrow."

Passion is no doubt the secret behind Paul Bocuse's success. Everyone at the Auberge or the Abbaye de Collonges shares this constant concern for the very highest quality, whether in terms of the choice of products, the right gestures in the dining room, the appropriate attitude at the right time with regard to customers as well as colleagues. This is the sign of excellence which has made its mark on the history of the establishment and which should last for many years to come.


"We are manual workers. Our profession has to be learned. It involves mentoring and it is our duty to pass on our knowledge."

Paul Bocuse's work is marked by his desire for transmission. The Chef has always promoted easy communication in order to share the experiences and skills which have helped the establishment to grow and develop.

Today, each member of the team is an ambassador of these practical and interpersonal skills and it is their duty to perpetuate this unique signature.


"Receiving people means taking charge of their happiness."

Paul Bocuse's history is filled with tales that reflect the deep sense of friendship the Chef has with those around him.

The joy of giving pleasure, of serving in the noblest sense of the word, namely of being useful to others, is a motivation which, at every moment, allows each customer to relish rare sensations and sincere and unforgettable emotions.

The Chef of the century 

May 2018

Opening of the restaurant Rendez-vous

January 20, 2018

Death of Mr. Paul Bocuse.


Opening of the Comptoir de l’Est in the 6tharrondissement of Lyon.


Grand Officer of the National Order of Merit
50th anniversary of 3 Michelin stars.


Opening of the Marguerite restaurant in the 8< sup>tharrondissement of Lyon.


Opening of the DOCK OUEST hotel residence in the 9< sup>th
arrondissement of Lyon Title of "Chef of the Century by the Culinary Institute of America in New York (USA)


Opening of eight brasseries and restaurants in Japan in partnership with the HIRAMATSU group.


Opening of Ouest Express, fast-food restaurant concept in Lyon


Creation of the Paul Bocuse Foundation. He was named the Commander of the Legion of Honour.


Opening of the Brasserie l’Ouest in Lyon


Commander of the National Order of Merit in New York


Opening of the Brasserie l’Est in Lyon


One of the official Chefs of the International G7 Summit in Lyon bringing together the seven most industrialised countries.


Opening of the Brasserie Le Sud in Lyon


Chicago – College of Diplomates Salute to Excellence Awards - Opening of the Brasserie Le Nord in Lyon


Officer of the French Order of Merit


Entry into the Grévin Museum


Opening of the Institut Paul Bocuse


Honorary President of the Ecole des Arts Culinaires et de l’Hôtellerie d’Ecully, now known as the Institut Paul BOCUSE - President Euro Toques – 3,000 Chefs in Europe - President Best Craftsman of France Cuisine-Restaurant Section


Creation of the Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, of which he became the President in 1989. That same year, he was named Chef of the Century by Gault & Millau.


Nomination for the Knight of the Legion of Honour by Valéry Giscard d’Estaing at the Elysée Palace. For the occasion, he created the V.G.E. soup.


Third Michelin star


Second Michelin star


Title of Best Craftsman of France


First Michelin star


Arrival of Paul Bocuse in the family business, the Hôtel du Pont de Collonges.