The Auberge, a jewel of authentic gastronomy

A family adventure

Straight out of a Baroque theatre set, in a style that veers between overbearing and outrageous, with a facade in emblematic colours, ornaments that are a nod to the culinary arts, the Auberge du Pont de Collonges attracts gourmets from far and wide wishing to savour the Holy Grail of gastronomy. Formerly called the Hôtel du Pont before Georges Bocuse bought it, the establishment used to belong to François and Françoise Roulier, the former's parents-in-law.

Nous vous acceuillons tous les jours de 12 h 00 à 13 h 45 et de 20 h 00 à 21 h 45.

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The family adventure continued in 1956, when the young Paul Bocuse seconded his father and served dishes prepared with products from the local area.

These delighted regular guests and sowed the seeds of his future success. Sausages in pastry and gratin dauphinois made with very thinly sliced potatoes, cream and pepper were just the right combination needed to delight diners' taste buds. 


A centre of excellence
for gastronomy

A slightly less elaborate style of cuisine that found its haven in the Bocuse temple. You have to deserve to savour the cream of gastronomy. The stage is set from the outset and is on a footing with the Chef of the century, a person who truly enjoys the performance.

Arriving guests can enjoy a real rite of passage as they look up at the Auberge restaurant’s colourful wall to see a famous painting of Paul Bocuse in his chef’s clothing, leaning against the railing of a fake window, framed by two street lamps.

Twelve steps then have to be climbed in order to access the ceremonial courtyard, before passing through the room devoted to the establishment's Chefs. Paintings, photos of personalities who have made a mark on their time, the establishment's diplomas for the Best Craftsman of France, the winners of the Bocuse d’Or, the restaurant displays its history on its walls.

The restaurant pays tribute to some of the icons of French cuisine. Paul Bocuse’s legacy is omnipresent at the Auberge; his expertise and unique signature continue to be enjoyed by all who visit. A culinary, geographical and historical academy, filled with memories: that’s the Auberge.

The restaurant: a place for celebrations

Finally, a glazed door provides access to the world of the kitchen and the hustle and bustle that reigns there. The team at the helm of the restaurant create the specialities on which the reputation of this triple Michelin-starred restaurant has been built since 1965.

Eating at the restaurant means rediscovering authentic cuisine, free of any artifice, fully savouring the aromas, perfumes, textures and smells and enjoying a moment of gourmet eternity.

Dinner at Bocuse, a Proustian experience! Open the door to the flagship... Enjoy your meal…      

Dinner at Bocuse, a Proustian experience

Cuisine &
star dishes

Some examples...

Black Truffle Soup VGE (Valéry Giscard d’Estaing)

A dish created for the Elysée Palace on the occasion of the presentation of the title of Knight of the Legion of Honour to Paul Bocuse by President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing on 25 February 1975.

Paul Bocuse explained that he had been inspired by two recipes: a chicken and beef soup flavoured with grated truffles that he had tasted with farmers in the Ardèche region, and a truffle wrapped in pastry like a chicken pie which Paul Haeberlin had served him in Alsace.

Other examples...

Sea Bass stuffed in Puff Pastry Shell, Choron sauce

Thanks to its pastry crust, the sea bass preserves all its delicacy, exquisite taste and perfume. One of Paul Bocuse's emblematic dishes.

Bresse Chicken Truffled cooked in a Bladder ‘à la Mère Fillioux’

A passing tribute from Paul Bocuse following a visit to "La Mère Brazier", chicken stuffed with truffles under the skin and cooked in a pork bladder, inflated like a football. Carved at the table, it reveals a wealth of delicious aromas. It is served in two parts, firstly the chicken breasts and then the legs (or inversely) so that all parts of the meal can be enjoyed hot.

Filet of Sole ‘à la Fernand Point’

A great classic by Fernand Point to whom Paul Bocuse pays tribute here. The fillet is cooked to perfection, placed on a bed of fresh tagliatelli, chopped tomatoes and mushrooms cooked in white wine and is coated with a hollandaise sauce and passed under a salamander grill in order to give it the appearance of grilled zabaione.

Red Mullet dressed in Crusty Potato Scales

An extremely delicate dish that requires particularly meticulous preparation. 

And also:

Lobster Salad ‘à la française‘

Scallops with Beurre blanc and Potatoes Soufflées

Crayfish in a Court Bouillon with Pouilly-Fuissé

Veal Chop and Kidney cooked in a Casserole, garnished ‘à la Bourgeoise’

Rack of Lamb roasted with Thyme

Turbot with Champagne sauce and more.