Bocuse, the three stars of excellence

The burning enthusiasm
of culinary art

Paul Bocuse, a name, a legend, a standard that
crosses borders and symbolises French culinary prestige at the prow of the Abbaye du Pont de Collonges.

In almost half a century, Paul Bocuse has built a legend around his name, imposing himself as the undisputed master of French cuisine who gives pride of place to regional products, cooking techniques and makes simplicity a point of honour.

Boasting a wealth of medals, awards and major titles, the holder of cherished Michelin stars, the Chef of the Century, considered in Japan to be a living God, and with his very own statue in the Grévin Museum, his expertise, charismatic and generous personality, always with a touch of humour, and passion for precision and a job well done have helped to create the Bocuse legend. A globetrotter, talent scout, creator of the Bocuse d'Or, the equivalent of the Olympic Games in the world of cooking, Paul Bocuse is relentless in his quest for transmission.

But, behind the legend is a man, Paulo from the banks of the Saône who enjoys hunting and hypnotising cockerels. A dedicated and humble man with an exceptional career... Once upon a time... Bocuse...

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The cream of French gastronomy

Flavours, textures, aromas, all in an elaborate presentation, this is what is promised by the Auberge du Pont de Collonges, located north of Lyon, which boasts three Michelin stars. With its facade in vibrant shades of raspberry and pistachio, the restaurant stands proudly like a theatre set. The Auberge is an open-air gastronomy book which, in a gargantuan symphony, reveals layered dishes, pyramids of food, breathtaking cakes. Entering the Bocuse restaurant means entering a temple, a sanctuary watched over by the gods of gastronomy from the top of the 80-metre long fresco.

Lunch in Collonges means an immersion into the Bocuse spirit, being lulled by the music of traditional cuisine. The Auberge titillates all your senses, pleasure for the eyes as much as for the taste buds!

The cooking of the ingredients,
the seasoning of the sauces, everything has to be dosed to perfection.

Among the culinary partitions on offer, prepared to perfection by the artists trained at the school of master Bocuse, it is impossible not to be tempted by the specialities for which the Chef is famous! Sea bass stuffed in puff pastry shell, Choron sauce, Truffle soup V.G.E., Lobster salad ‘à la française‘ and Bresse chicken truffled cooked in a bladder ‘à la Mère Fillioux’ offer intense pleasure. A gourmet experience to be savoured and a unique address to be discovered!

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THE ABBAYE, a festive venue for your events


The abbaye,
a haven for your receptions

Located 5 km from Lyon, the Abbaye is the prefect venue for your private events, weddings and corporate seminars. A magnificent setting able to cater for up to 800 people with a 750m² modular space according to the number of guests, a dance floor and a sound system.

A magical and unique place that will enchant you as much by its rural setting in the countryside near the Saône, its ease of access and its festive spirit. To the sound of the pipe organ that replaces 115 musicians and marks the arrival of your dishes, you will be able to admire the spectacular descent of the staircase during which the waiters plays their roles to perfection. The setting, the staging of the service, everything helps to ensure that this place is devoted to celebration.

The soul of the Abbaye is a unique service. The teams will advise you and cater to your needs offering you personalised services according to your events. Do not hesitate to ask for information about the drinks packages and menus we offer. It is the guarantee of quality catering. 

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A talented team at the vessel's commands

The prestige of the Paul Bocuse team, with its many Best Craftsman of France, is not its only great quality; it is also the enthusiasm of a team that is always attentive to your needs that helps to perpetuate the treasures of this establishment.

Transmission has always driven Paul Bocuse. The Chef has always promoted easy communication in order to share the experiences and skills which have helped the establishment to grow and develop. Today, each member of the team is an ambassador of these practical and interpersonal skills and it is their duty to perpetuate this unique signature. "I have always been interested in transmission because I believe that young people have a great deal to offer."

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